HD Videos from my Butterfly trips to Yungas in Bolivia 2004-2012


D. 9 January 2012; Finally I have seen the rare Prepona praeneste buckleyana.

This is probably the first time ever it has been filmed and photographed in the wild!

This species is protected by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered

 Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) which is an international agreement between governments.

 Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimen of wild animals and plants

 does not threaten their survival.




Butterflies from Yungas

Camera & edit:   Peter Moellmann

January 2012 and 2011

more videos coming soon

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Papilio Glaucus female  

 Glaucus fun in the garden

Camera Henrik Bloch, edit Peter Moellmann


Scandinavian butterflies

from Denmark and Sweden